Butt Cavitation and All It's Glory! Learn more

Butt Cavitation and All It's Glory! Learn more

Ultrasonic cavitation is a virtually painless, non-surgical body contouring technique that’s performed as an alternative to liposuction.

No more going under the knife. Say Hello to the new non-invasive Brazilian butt lift and Liposuction of the century.

Cavitation is typically a post-operative procedure we perform in order to allow for more efficient drainage as well as the softening of postoperative areas. This procedure also has an extremely beneficial application in the removal of fat as well as cellulite.


The main application of the Ultra Cavitation machine is:

  • Post-op treatment
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Body sculpting & contouring
  • Weight loss

How does the Ultra Cavitation Device work?

The Ultra Cavitation uses an extremely low-frequency energy to help patients dissolve fat in certain identified problem areas, most commonly the stomach. And is extremely effective a few weeks following a surgical procedure. The Ultra Cavitation’s low frequency energy dissolves fat, however it must be removed via lymphatic drainage massage. Whatever excess fat is left, will dissolve into the body, and generally be eliminated as a waste product.

Benefits of the Ultra Cavitation

  • Reduces cellulite, and helps to prevent it in the future
  • Reduces the appearance of orange skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin in the treatment area
  • Reduces superficial surface blemishes along the skin’s surface
  • Helps destroy fat cells
  • It is purely non-invasive, simply uses a hand-held massage device
  • Leaves no scarring
  • 0 downtime

If you’d like more information about Cavitation treatments or would like to schedule an appointment contact us today!

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